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September 26, 2008

i lied :(

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I ended up purchasing a new domain name tonight and the blog will be moved (again) to .

Thank you all for the DAY of fun here, lol. Please add the new blog to your blogrolls & when the site is finished tomorrow I will make sure to throw yours all back up.


September 25, 2008

Theory v1.1

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•credits under the cut•


Color Theories v1.0

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Hey guys! I’ve moved my blog to it’s own spot & will finally let [ida]’s r.i.p. I’m re-posting something I’ve already done on my other site just to show what style I’d like to try- based on color theory. Hopefully establishing a uniform look for my blogs will make it easier, cleaner, and all around more fun. Here is the example of what I plan on doing & any feedback is, of course, welcome.

(does the whole typical “lil bit about me” speech)

If you don’t know, my avi’s name is Miabella Foxley. I’m that girl with the over-stuffed inv that logs in and starts crying that I have nothing to wear. Why is it that the more you have the harder it is to dress? Besides the obvious fact that SL® designers are constantly upgrading their skills- our inv.s grow just for the sake of growing, no?? Anyhooo, that’s where I find most of my problems. You forget stuff, you organize it and never look back, its only importance is to lag down the loading of your items and piss you off. I’m trying to control my shopping and appreciate the items lost somewhere in my black hole of fashion. This is when I started trying to apply (and consciously realizing that I do it), color theory.

In RL™ I almost always base my outfits off of a particular item or color mood. Whether it be jewelry, shoes, or a bag- I usually begin there & simply add the basics to compliment. I feel very fortunate that in my SL® I work with many really awesome & generous designers, so I’m hoping to keep my posts cluttered with fresh things, too. I, in no way, consider myself a blogger (or a skilled writer- so bare with me). This is simply for fun & to share with anyone interested- & I WILL keep the chat to a minimum on the occasions that I post.

❤ Mia

(xtra thanks to Mariya Nesiote for making me a second kick ass necklace in my colors ❤ & Sofia for lending me the skirt I was dying to find in-world.)

•credits under the cut•


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